• In Japan, on the island of Iriomoto lives the smallest species of cats – Iriomote. Scientists have discovered only 100 individuals of these predators. Now they are carefully protected from any external influences.

• The richest cats in the world live in the UK. Their mistress left them part of her fortune in the amount of several hundred thousand pounds. Once these “cat rich” had to exchange their capital – the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds fined them two pounds for “systematic killing of birds.”

• Cats can not only hiss, grumble and meow, but also cough and even … grunt. According to the observations of the French scientist Dupont du Nemar, a cat can pronounce seven consonants: M, N, G, X, F, B and R. Scientists are still arguing about whether “cat language” is something like “coherent speech”, or is it a coding signal system.

• The richest in Europe wardrobe had cats living in the French royal court. The powerful favorite of Henry II of Valois, Diana de Poitiers, the uncrowned queen of France and herself, and her white and furry favorite, dressed in exceptionally expensive outfits. The wardrobe of Diana and her cat included more than 200 luxurious dresses, hats and all kinds of bows, tied in the most intricate ways.

• A few years ago, German scientists conducted a series of experiments on the ability of cats to orient. To begin with, the animals were placed in closed boxes and transported around the city along a very confusing route. Then they were taken out of the city, where a large maze was arranged with 24 exits in different directions, like marking a compass. The labyrinth was closed above, so that cats could not see either day or night luminaries. Next, the animals were placed in turn in a maze, where they were given the opportunity to roam it until they chose the desired exit. And, most interestingly, in 98 percent of cases, the cat came out clearly in the direction of her own home!

• The most valuable cat is considered to be a copper-eyed white Persian cat named Kloilum Marcus, winner of various international competitions. In England, this feline gentleman was valued at £2,100. But the California motley cats Bulzai and Kukamogna were even included in the 1986 Christmas catalog of the Neumann-Marcus department store, each of which cost $1,400. In 1997, one of them was sold for $24,000 to a movie star who wished to remain anonymous.

• The Chinese say that the cat lowers its antennae before the rain. In Germany, they say that cats will scrub the ground before changing the weather. If a cat licks its tail, a storm will break out soon! Before the storm, animals sit with their backs to the fire, and before the wind they begin to rush around the house. One English fortuneteller claimed that in front of a shower a cat rubs its paw behind its ears. And if the cat sneezes three times, then rather dress warmer, because your whole family is in danger of a cold. The Chinese believe that before the rain the cat lowers its antennae

• The largest cat, according to the Guinness Book of Records, is Hercules. However, this is not an ordinary domestic cat, Hercules is a liger, that is, a hybrid born from a lion and a tigress. This liger weighs 408 kg with a height of 1.8 m and a body length of 3.6 m. The photographer specially placed this giant cat next to the popular English symbols – a double-decker bus and taxi, to make not only interesting, but also impressive photos. Despite its gigantic size, the Hercules liger – very kind and obedient – obeys Dr. Bhagavan, who is raising the largest cat in the cattery.

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