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2 in 1|The Right Food For Dogs – Large and Small Ones

Features of feeding dogs of large and small breeds. Ideal food for dogs – what should it take into account? What is the difference between dogs in their metabolism, energy, growth rate and aging?

None of the representatives of the animal kingdom has such pronounced variations in weight and size as a dog. In addition, they differ in growth duration, energy demand, the number of puppies they give birth to, temperament and predisposition to certain diseases. All these features need to be well-known in particular in order to give the appropriate food for dogs. Feeding should take into account the needs of the dog. Read about the main differences in the menu features of food for dogs of different breeds.

Healthy Dog Food For Small Breeds

Dogs of small breeds have an accelerated metabolism, which means that a small dog burns energy much faster than dogs of large breeds. Accordingly, in order to stay awake and energetic, your pet should receive more calories per kilogram of weight. Therefore, it is important to choose the right complete food for dogs, which is rich in essential calories. This is especially important when the dog is growing and developing.

Despite their modest size, dogs of small breeds have a healthy appetite, especially at the age of puppies. During this period, the energy received after eating is consumed within a few hours. Try to give food for dogs in small portions, but often – 3-4 times per day.

Food for dogs or small breeds
Feed your dog right

The requirements of the body of a small dog determine the amount of food that it needs to consume and is set strictly individually.

Overeating is unacceptable. This leads to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, lungs and heart, and can cause dystrophy and various disorders.

If you carefully watch your chihuahua or toy dog, you will notice that the edges of the small dog increase slightly with food. The sides of a well-fed dog should not be too convex, but flooded.

Many small dogs grow up quickly, age slowly and live longer than dogs of large breeds. Some small breeds can be considered adults as early as 8 months! Given that their life lasts 15 years and longer, your little pet spends most of his life as an active adult dog. Although dogs of small breeds are less prone to obesity, sometimes this still happens.

In order for the pets to return to form, food for dogs should content lean types of meat, such as turkey or chicken. Such food will help maintain the ideal weight of your dog at every stage of its long and happy life. There are cases when dog needs spesial supplemenst as probiotics.

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