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Brushing cat’s teeth: quick guide, easy rools for dummies

Easy rools about cat grooming

Oddly enough, many cat owners do not even suspect that brushing cat’s teeth is also necessary as for human. It’s not for the smell of menthol from the animal’s mouth, no. The reason is simple: your pet may also have problems with teeth. The main problem is tartar, although tooth decay is not uncommon. The stone appears due to predominantly solid food in the diet, nibbling of bones. Dry feed, unfortunately, is not able to solve a similar problem. Therefore, we arm ourselves with a toothbrush and proceed!

Brushing cat’s teeth: step by step

If you brushing cats teeth, you will not only provide the necessary oral hygiene, but also be able to avoid the recurrence of the problem. Remember that tartar provokes the appearance of not only caries, but also can destroy teeth! There are several convenient options for brushing cat’s teeth:

  • use a brush for children with soft bristles and tooth powder;
  • red wine and soda. Wine can be taken inexpensively, there is no difference. To cleanse, make a slurry of the components and rub the gums on the cat with a soft cotton pad;
  • special toothpaste of liquid consistency. Using it is simple: dissolve a spoonful of pasta in a glass of water and offer to your pet. 
Toothpaste for cats should be spesial
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Toothpaste for cats should be spesial

The main thing is to do everything carefully, do not damage the delicate cat’s gums. Do not use adult toothpaste – it will harm your pet! Buy a special toothpaste for cats, for example, fish-flavored, at the pet store. If you are afraid to hurt a cat, just wrap a finger with cotton wool and apply a paste on it. Red wine contains vinegar, which effectively whitens teeth and removes tartar, reacting with soda. 

Liquid toothpaste is the best option if your pet completely refuses to voluntarily open his mouth for cleaning. Of course, you should not insist – you just exhaust your nerves for yourself and your pet. If you do not want pasta, add solid feed to your cat’s diet to remove plaque and stone with their help. Talk to your veterinarian. A good option is to offer a bone with leftover meat that he could gnaw on. 

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