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Food for cats: do not feed your pet this products

Garlic and Onion in food for cats

As you should know that onions contain components that damage cat’s red blood cells. They cause significant damage to the health of your tailed friend – cause hemolytic anemia. Garlic is the strongest provocateur of digestive upset, and it also “spoils” red blood cells. Even if these vegetables are cooked, they still remain very toxic. Do not add these vegetables in food for cats if you are really worried about their health.

Raisins and Grapes as food for cats

These two products are considered real poison for your furry pets. Studies have proven that raisins and grapes are incredibly toxic, causing serious complications, gastrointestinal upset and kidney disease.

If we talk about prohibited food for cats, in the enf of list is the dough. The fact is that the gastrointestinal tract of the pet is considered a favorable environment for the reproduction of yeast. A piece of dough, even the smallest one, expands, becomes larger, and this leads to a decrease in blood flow to the stomach. Of course, serious eating disorders, shortness of breath, vomiting, diarrhea are in line. A more complex problem is bowel obstruction. Forever forget about such products in the cat’s menu as: nuts, salted and smoked dishes, alcohol.

Of course, it is strange to imagine how the owner gives the cat alcohol, but even such ridiculous situations can occur. Convulsions, vomiting, pancreatitis, indigestion, bowel problems – this is not the whole list of problems that you will provide to your cute fluff. Watch about right food for cats and they will be definitely grateful to you!

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