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Food for cats: do not feed your pet this products

Food for cats: what should it be, what should not contain a healthy cat diet?If you love your furry four-legged friend, then you must carefully monitor his menu. Of course, when feeding cat dry food, problems rarely arise: the menu is balanced and does not need additives. But if your pet eats natural cat food, it’s worth considering. Very often, owners make one big mistake: feed the cat from their plate. It is important to remember that this is fraught with serious consequences: the pet can not only poison, but also die. Veterinarians have identified a list of products that can not be fed to a cat in any case!

can I give milk to my cat, milk for cats is bad
Kittens can eat just spesial bottle feeding, not just cow’s milk

Milk for Cats – Pros and Cons

Oddly enough, but even a product such as milk is not recommended for cats. It would seem that this is a typical delicacy, which everyone associates with a cat, young and old. When we take a kitten to our home, the first thing we do is drink it with milk. The fact is that in fluffy babies, the body is able to absorb lactose, but in an adult, it is not. They lack the enzyme involved in its breakdown. Often there is simply lactose intolerance, and when the cat drinks milk, milk sugar is not absorbed by the body. The animal suffers from an upset stomach. Of course, each case is individual, but you should be careful.

Raw eggs and meat in food for cats: harm or benefit?

In the same way as humans, cats can become infected with E. coli, salmonellosis by eating raw eggs. Did you know that if a cat loves egg white, the absorption of vitamin B can easily be disturbed? This is fraught not only with health problems, but also with the poor condition of the fur and skin of the cat. If we talk about fatty meats, bones … If you don’t want to treat your pet in clinics with diarrhea, vomiting and serious gastrointestinal disorders, take care of your nerves and the body of the cat! Do not eat such “dishes”. By the way, small bones can easily get stuck in the throat, provoke choking, scratch the internal organs with sharp fragments of bones.

What about sweet food for cats

Choose the best food for your cat

Chocolates, marmalades, sweets, cakes – even if your pet didn’t like such goodies, in any case do not let him eat it! The consequences can be irreversible, even fatal. The reason lies in the dangerous and toxic organic compounds – methylxanthines, which are found in large quantities in chocolate. The second unsafe substance is caffeine, which leads to total overexcitation of the animal, the occurrence of muscle tremor. The third component, “for starters,” is theobromine, which is deadly for four-legged friends.

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