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Discover our deep Dr. Marty’s ProPower Plus Review

The benefits of probiotic supplements Dr. Marty’s ProPower Plus; when needed, how to use it, when your dog can do without it. Instructions for use, composition.

Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes for Dogs

Review of Pro Power Plus Dr.Marty's Supplement for dogs
Review: Dr.Marty’s ProPower Plus – Supplement for Dogs

The benefits of probiotic supplements Dr. Marty’s ProPower Plus; when needed, how to use it, when your dog can do without it. Instructions for use, composition.

Dogs have become for us one of the many components of what is called the “quality and meaning of life”. For four out of five dog owners, the most important thing in their pet is communicate with him. This may be the use of a pet as a working or service dog, or it may simply be the joy of the dog being always nearby.

Do you know that your pet can help you relax? Scientists have proven that in people experiencing stress, their blood pressure decreases and heartbeats become calmer even when they only meet their dog!

But as soon as your dog begins to suffer any problem from the side of health, your relationship will gradually suffer. Which problems can have your dog and which from them you can notice whether sometimes it becomes not noticeable. You are able to find some changes in the behavior of the dog, its appetite and appearance.

The answer to this question is:

  • May be poor absorption of nutrients;
  • Often occurrence of stomach discomfort;
  • Weakening immune function;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Sometimes the occurrence of cancer and you only find out about it late.

Therefore, it is important to know how the dog is in good health. So all of the above reasons begin due to lack of probiotics or not enough Digestive Enzymes.

Dr. Marty ProPower Plus: how does it Work?

This is a dog food that contains a unique mixture of probiotics and enzymes and the highest quality healthy ingredients to create a lively, healthy life for your pet.

Contain Dr. Marty’s ProPower Plus:

  1. Probiotics (min) 2 billion CFU/g
  2. Bromelain \ papain / Arabian gum
  3. Protease
  4. Amylase
  5. Lactobacillus acidophilus
  6. Lactobacolus plant
  7. Cellulose fiber
  8. Bifidobacterium lactis / Bacteria of the genus Lactobacus and bacteria of the genus Lactobacolus (Lactobacus) and Lactobacus),
  9. Bacillus coagulans (SEBIOTIC®)
  10. Longum
  11. Cellulase
  12. Hemicellulase
  13. Lipase
  14. Mushroom (champignon) extract 80 mg
  15. Laminaria thallus powder 60 mg
  16. Crude fiber (max.) 28.1%
  17. Crude fat (min) 0.31%
  18. Crude protein (min) 10.4%
  19. Moisture (max) 9%
dr marty goldshtein pro power plus for dogs supplement review
dr.Marty Goldstein

All of these ingredients are carefully selected by Dr. Martin Goldstein, who is the first developer of Canine Code. Dr. Martin Goldstein is also the author of The Nature of Animal Healing: A Complete Guide to Comprehensive Medicine for Dog and Cat Care.

What will give to your dog using the Dr.Marty’s Pro Power Plus

It is a complete solution for many disorders in your dogs:

  • Relief of constipation and gas;
  • Hot spot treatment, itching;
  • Healthy coat, allergic reactions, poor breathing.
  • And you don’t think about Coprophagy which is often observed in animals and not rarely in dogs. This phenomenon is usually explained by the lack of any trace elements in the animal’s body.

It is suitable for all breeds of dogs; but dosage depends on the weight of the dog. Safe for small, medium, large, giant breeds, puppies, adults and older dogs.

ProPower Plus Dr.Marty's
ProPower Plus Supplement Dr.Marty

Supplementary nutrition increases energy, vigor, immunity, strengthens dental health, reduces anxiety and nervousness, allows skin scratches to heal faster and get a healthier and shiny coat.

The instructions for use are quite simple: once a day, sprinkle one spoonful of Dr. Marty’s ProPower Plus supplement powder directly on your dog’s favorite snack or regular food. Dr. Marty promises that this will keep your dog healthy from head to toe.

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