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Dr. Marty Goldstein is sharing the integrative idea

Dr. Marty Goldstein is one of leading veterinarians in the world, the author of the Dr. Marty’s Dog Food Line. If you want your dog to feel more cheerful, became more energetic and got a thick and smooth coat? So soon you will get interesting information for you. Let us introduce to our readers the vet with more than 40 years in vet medicine.

His experience will help you to look at your pet’s health from a different angle.

The main way that applies in their practice, the doctor is improving dog health through healthy eating. Dr. Marty achieved amazing results thanks to his unique vision. Now to him people from all over the world who have already tried all methods of treatment of traditional veterinary medicine.

What is Dr. Marty Goldstein’s integrative method?

As Dr. Marty says, his approach is based on the study of a complete picture and improved overall dog health through proper nutrition. His “integrative medicine” combines the best methods of traditional and alternative veterinary medicine. This will help your dog feel as quickly as possible healthy and happy. Incredible changes in the quality of the pet’s life’s of the doctor’s customers changed all his system. And it all started from what was not even expected from a meeting with Dr. Marty.

Dr. Marty’s backstory

When he was only 20 years old, he had many health problems. His joints were sore, overall tone was low and weight too high. Doctor Marty couldn’t even see his own legs! Having tried a lot he went in for sports and ate healthy food. But finally he could not get back in shape. Until he discovered the book about macrobiotic nutrition. Dr. Marty began to follow a diet and the first result appeared very soon – the pain disappeared. He lost 20 pounds when his customer brought him Kaiser – the dog with symptoms that he himself had.

He was still in bad shape and was suffering from low energy. It was difficult for him to walk, and the coat was very dull and thin. In Kaiser he saw the “dog version” of his own situation, so the Doctor Marty decided to put the dog on his own macrobiotic diet. In a few weeks Kaiser returned to Dr. Marty energetic, with a thick and shiny coat. The owner of Kaiser noted that the dog began to poop regularly. “Father of the dog” believed that Kaiser`s life is nearing its end, because he turned 11 years already… And that was just the beginning!

Dr. Marty and his ProPower Plus
Dr. Marty and his ProPower Plus

Today, Dr. Marty has helped thousands of pets come back to life full of energy. Older dogs moving back from fatigue life to youth.

The Doctor Martin Goldstein became famous throughout the country for his extraordinary approach.

Dr. Marty was often guest of the shows of Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey and in Good Morning America. He also wrote a book «The Nature of Animal Healing», which became a bestseller among dog owners.

Dr. Marty seeks to spread his knowledge, so he willingly shares it. All in order to make the life of your dogs happy!

Dr. Marty’s philosophy is to prevent development symptoms that Kaiser had. Dr. Marty’s Dog Food Line – it is the result of many years of research and observation of his own fluffy patients. Unfortunately, Dr. Martin may personally accept only a few hundred patients per year, so watch out for his new developments and articles on the Internet and stay healthy!

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