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Check your cat’s health: 10 things to examine

Check you cat's health by yourself

This article provides a simple guide to checking your cat’s health. This information does not replace a visit to the veterinarian. If you need more information about any of the following areas, contact your veterinarian.

You should “play the vet” every month and carefully examine your cat to make sure your pet is doing well. Following this list, compiled by a veterinarian, you have the opportunity to detect any unusual signs at an early stage, and you can seek treatment as soon as possible.

Body health

Caring pet owners should check cat’s health regularly. When playing or caressing your cat, you can easily feel or see their ribs, depending on the length of its coat. Cats should have a distinct waist, similar in shape to an hourglass when viewed from above. And they must have a small layer of fat on their belly.

Playfull cat's health check
Healthy cat is active and playfull


Cat ears are very sensitive and thin, so be careful with them. The ears of the cat should always be clean, without signs of inflammation, greasy, waxy discharge, not be itchy or have an unpleasant odor. If your cat’s fur is too thin or the ears are covered with thin down, consider sunscreen to protect them from sunburn. Excessive sun exposure on hot sunny days can lead to skin cancer.

If your cat tilts its head to the side, wipes its face unusually often, or constantly shakes its head, take it to the vet. You need to carefully check the hearing and  cat’s health as a whole. Do not independently inspect the cat’s ears deeply and do not insert any tools into them – this can cause damage.


Your cat’s eyes should be clear and clean, not watery, and not have redness or soreness. Take cat to the veterinarian for an examination if your pet begins to hide from the light or collide with objects.


A healthy cat’s nose should be slightly moist to the touch. Signs of pathology include: bleeding, any discharge, crusting, sneezing too often. If these signs appear, take the cat to the veterinarian for examination. If the cat’s eyes become wet and shiny in addition to this, then it is all the more important to visit the clinic – cats are very susceptible to flu.

cat's health check nose
Healthy Nose Of The Cat

The mouth

Bad breath in cats is an indicator that could show a serious digestive or kidney problems. The cause of them is most often a bacterial infection or kidneys. If this is not fixed, it can lead to tooth loss and gum disease, and even to problems with internal organs.

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