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Can your pet get coronavirus?

Is it possible for pet to get covid-19 from human?

Get to know can your pet get coronavirus or not. The Covid-19 pandemic keeps all people stressed. Well-known question, can a dog or cat be infected by a virus from its owner?

Information from the World Small Animal Veterinary Association

According to WSAVA on its official website, there is no evidence when pet get coronavirus from a human. But on the website of the Center for Disease Control, the family of coronaviruses lists seven varieties of viruses that can infect humans. Four of them can be confused with the flu or the common cold, while the rest are fraught with more danger. This also applies to a new strain of coronavirus.

How can coronavirus be diagnosed in animals

Symptomatically, coronavirus manifests itself in domestic animals as well as in humans. This is a fever, cough, intoxication symptoms – lethargy, apathy, lack of appetite. The defeat of the Covid-19 is complicated by the accession of another pathological flora and the development of various pneumonia.

Is there a reason to panic if a dog or cat coughs?

Symptoms of Covid-19 that appeared in your pet, such as lethargy, coughing, sneezing, can indicate the development of various diseases. If they occur, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Your cat or dogs may have:

  • Parainfluenza;
  • Bronchitis;
  • Heart failure;
  • Dirofilariasis;
  • Asthma, breathing problems;
  • The defeat of other viruses, and so on.

Can a pet get coronavirus from a person?

According to the CDC, so far there have not been a single case of transmission of Covid-19 to a pet from a person. Also, according to the American Association of Veterinarians, cats, dogs and other pets are not prone to getting this type of coronavirus, as well as spreading it.

can pet get coronavirus covid-19 from human? how to protect cat or dog

If the coronavirus test shows that you are sick, you should not:

  1. Share your food with the animal;
  2. Kiss him;
  3. Allow him to lick you.

If you are sick with Covid-19, wear a personal mask, disposable gloves, wash your hands often, especially before touching your pet.

There is no chance that pet get coronavirus, you should take into account the fact that viruses are prone to mutations and can spontaneously become dangerous to the organisms of domestic animals.

What kind of diseases do coronaviruses cause in pets?

Specific types of viruses from the family of coronaviruses that infect domestic animals can cause respiratory, gastrointestinal diseases, and coughing. None of the these coronaviruses is transmitted to humans.

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