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10 Best Healing Herbs and Plants for Dogs + First Aid-Kit

We offer you a list of the 10 most useful in dog’s nutrition healing herbs and plants, but before using, we advise you to consult your vet so that the grass is not contraindicated in your pet.

What healing herbs and plants you can add to complete and balance dog’s nutrition

We all know the beneficial effects of healing herbs – this is an indisputable fact. Herbs can be used to treat dogs. Medicinal healing herbs and plants for dogs may seem like an ordinary weed, but in fact they have powerful therapeutic effects.

Neem or Azadirachta indica

Neem (Azadirachta indica) Best Healing Herbs and Plants for Dogs
Neem tree oil for Dogs

Neem tree extract is a non-toxic insecticide, treats burns, and also helps soothe irritated and dry dog’ skin.

Application for your pet – externally (absorbed through the bloodstream), is a natural mosquito and flea repellent. Neem will not only help to cope with irritation from bites – it will prevent them. It is recommended to use in a warm season. Add few drops of Neem oil to the shampoo for dogs; use such bathing once a week. For these purposes choose shampoo suitable for frequent use. To enhance the effect, you can additionally give Neem oil in biological supplements, one tablet per day, but you need to consult a veterinarian.


Yarrow Plant Blossom - Best Healing Herbs and Plants for Dogs
Yarrow for healing Dogs

This plant perfectly stops bleeding. If your pet cuts while running or has wounds, you can provide first aid by washing the wounds first with iodine solution and then treating with Yarrow. Yarrow balm helps in healing wounds and also stops bleeding. In pharmacies, a ready-made balm from Yarrow and Echinacea is already sold, but you can make it by yourself.


Arnica — Best Healing Herbs and Plants for Dogs and Cats
Arnica as dog’s nutrient

This plant performs two functions at once: it acts as an anesthetic and promotes healing. If your dog is hurt or has a muscle injury – Arnica will help reduce pain and cure a sore spot. Arnica is sold in the form of tablets, and is applied three times per day. If the pet tries to spit out the pill, it’s okay, since dissolution occurs when it comes in contact with saliva.

Valerian officinalis

Valerian Officinalis Flower - Best Healing Herbs and Plants for Dogs and Cats
Valeriana for calming Dogs

Smelly but very effective herb, which will help your pet calm down and fall asleep. If your dog is often anxious or experiencing stress – Valerian will help him calm down and relax for a while. It is also a wonderful sedative for a long car trip. It is unlikely that your pet will agree to taste the fragrance pill so easily, so mask it in a piece of meat or cheese to kill the smell. Dosages should be consulted with a veterinarian.

Olive leaf extract

Olive Oil Leaf - Best Healing Herbs and Plants for Dogs and Cats
Olive Leaf Oil for Pets

Oleuropein is an extract from crushed olive leaves, a natural antibiotic created by nature. It is used when diarrhea happens from poisoning, as the plant is endowed with an antifungal effect and helps to cope with the problem. This plant can be found in capsule form, usually sold in health food stores, sometimes in pharmacies. Capsules in aroma and taste are similar to olive oil, so they are easily used for dogs treating.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle - Best Healing Herbs and Plants for Dogs and Cats
Milk Thistle

The healing extract of the plant is Silymarin, which acts as a powerful natural antioxidant for dogs. This plant is indispensable for the dogs’ liver, as it increases efficiency and protects it. This milk thistle also promotes the functioning of the dogs’ eyes and protects them from clouding. The plant is also sold in the form of capsules with a bitter taste, so you have to try to give it to your dog.


Боярышник Hawthorn  - Best Healing Herbs and Plants for Dogs and Cats
Hawthorn for Dogs

A magnificent berry used to treat heart failure in dogs. Hawthorn strengthens the heart muscle and improves blood circulation; it also prevents congestive heart failure in older dogs and has a tonic effect on the body. It is sold in the form of dried berries, balms and capsules, it is more convenient to use capsules – dogs respond well to their taste.

Boswellia serrata - Best Healing Herbs and Plants for Dogs and Cats


This tree has a wide range of medical uses. The benefit to your dog is to reduce inflammation and also help improve pet mobility for arthritis. Sold in pill form.

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