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Basic rules for bathing a dog

All what you need to know about dog bathing

Wet the dog

Little dog is taking bath - bath a dog right rules
Some dogs like warm bath

Use warm water to soak the dog from head to toe. This will work best for you when using a hand sprayer, but you can also pour water from a jug or bucket. Always check the temperature on your hand skin before pouring it on your pet.

The coat of many dogs is waterproof, so thorough penetration usually requires thorough soaking.

Avoid contact with eyes and ears. To prevent the dog from pouring water on you, instinctively shaking it off, keep your hand on top of the dog’s head.

Wash your dog with shampoo

Dog bathing with shampoo
Shampooing the dog

Avoid the eyes, face and genitals, apply shampoo to the dog’s coat. Shampoo should be used enough to create a foam. Use it a little so as not to spend it too much. You can mix one part water with two parts shampoo so you can save a little. Add the mixture to an aerosol can or large cup to facilitate application. Remember to be careful around your mouth and eyes.

Scrub and massage

Clean, rub and massage the dog coat for several minutes. Just like when washing your own hair. Probably your dog will really like this part. You should apply the shampoo to the coat for 10-15 minutes before rinsing, especially with medical shampoo. During this time, you will have time to clean her ears.

You can also use a special dog cleaning tool designed for bathing your dog. It can be rubber or plastic, its adoption helps foaming shampoo and provides massage for your dog’s skin.

Rinse with water

Point the stream of water at the dog’s hair, avoiding the eyes and ears. Rinse all shampoo off the dog’s fur coat; a shower spray is best for this. Rinsing with a cup, jug or bucket will take more of your time. Thoroughly rinse legs and crevices or any folds of skin on the dog’s body. All soap residues should be removed. After washing the dog for the first time with suitable temperature water, use slightly cooler water to close the pores on the dog’s skin and completely rinse off all the shampoo.

Dry your dog

To get started, step back a bit to give your dog a good chance to shake wool off the water. Remove the remaining water with a towel and let your dog stand on another towel on the floor. Continue to dry the dog with a towel and be prepared for the fact that she will continue to shake the coat and instinctively rub the towel.

If your pet is patient, you can try blow dry. Be sure to use a dryer with a low temperature or no heat at all.

When your dog will be completely dry, thoroughly comb the coat. The oily film around the dog’s eyes should be removed with a damp cloth. Try not to let it go outside until it dries, otherwise you will again have a reason to go bathing in no time.

Preventing problems during bathing a dog

right bathing dog with groomer in salon
Professional grooming will help you definately

Some furry friends just hate the bath. It may look like a wrestling competition or so dirty and time-consuming that you don’t even want to mess with it. If so, you may decide to visit the groomer. Professional grooming is recommended for long haired breeds requiring regular clipping. If you are still convinced to bathe your four-legged friend at home, continue to try and stock up on more treats for dogs.

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