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Basic rules for bathing a dog

All what you need to know about dog bathing

Bathing a dog includes not only removing dirt, but also taking care of the coat, making it clean and healthy. Remember that worm eggs and parasites can remain in dirty hair.

Without regular bathing a dog, it is impossible to maintain the health and good mood of your pet, and also keep you home clean.

Bathing a dog do not needed to be every day, but their fur can become dirty due to environmental conditions and other factors at different speeds. This affects the frequency of bathing the dog.

Talk with your veterinarian to find out how often your pet can be washed.

Before You Begin

If you prepare properly in advance, you can ease the bathing process for you and your dog.

The easiest way is to make a bath in your own tub, although the sink may be suitable for bathing a dog of small breeds.

If you use your bathtub at home, this can lead to fatigue of your back, knee pains and a mess around in your house.

Some pet stores offer self-service dog baths, which can be used for a small fee. It’s cheaper than paying for a groomer, and you can avoid clutter in your home.

basing a dog - basic rules
Keep kalm during bathing a dog!

Most dogs do not like cold water, and it does not clean them well. Bathing a dog outdoors is possible only if the weather is nice and warm so that it does not get too cold. You can use heated water; nice bathing a dog in warm water is the best way.

Here is what you need

You should already be prepared with these materials if you are using a self-service dog wash. If usually you always bathe your dog on your own, do not forget to fold everything you need in advance, then you will not have to look for these things later.

  • Soft, absorbent beach towels are well suited for large dogs, while microfiber towels absorb moisture well;
  • Shampoo for dogs made without soap and with the addition of useful components, plant extracts that maintain an optimal pH level of the skin. If your four-legged friend has a hard, straight coat, texture dog shampoos that contain mink oil are suitable for him. It preserves the structure of the hard hair, giving it a beautiful shine.
  • Put on clothes that you will not feel sorry for – you will be wet!
  • Brushes, scallops, combs suitable for your dog’s coat type;
  • Mineral oil or ointment from tears to protect the eyes from shampoo;
  • After the bath, the dog will have to stand on a rug or towel, so prepare it in advance.

Bathing preparation

Comb your dog before bathing. Be sure to remove any spools, balls of wool, because it will become harder to deal with them when they get wet. Apply artificial tears or mineral oil to each eye. So you protect the dog’s eyes from irritation with shampoo.

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