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6 steps to keep home clean and dog happy

Use these steps to keep home clean where dog lives. Learn how to wash dog toys and use our tips to clean dog mess. What to do with your pet’s hair scattered everywhere, his dirty paws and funky smells? Use these steps to keep clean home and stay happy!

These surefire solutions along with regular cleanings seriously reduce the dog’s created mess.

In general, all these tips will make your home life better and clean dog mess will be needed not so often.

Tire the puppy outside

how to keep home clean not just clean dog mess
Let your pup to spend out all energy

By doing some exercises daily, you can make your homegrown dog less prone to hyperactive indoor behavior.

How pronounced does your dog need activity? The need for movement depends on the age, size, breed and personality of your dog. One dog is happy with the hour of running, and the other needs to walk actively at least 3-4 times daily.

Change and wash toys for dogs regularly

easy ways to keep home clean from dogs mess
Toys for dogs are the most durty things in your life

Microorganisms find a breeding ground on toys for dogs and can cause various diseases. Regularly cleaning them from dirt and germs will prevent the pet’s disease and help to keep home clean.

How to wash toys for dogs?

Rinse dirt off plastic toys for dogs with dishwashing detergent and warm water. To kill bacteria, you can soak the washed toys in a solution of vinegar for an hour. Mix it with water in a ratio of 1 to 1. Then rinse and dry them. Do not use substances that can poison your dog.

Wash fabric toys for dogs in a washing machine with hypoallergenic washing powder. You can also dry them in the dryer at a low level.

Remember to check toys for dogs wear level regularly. Old and torn toys not only contribute to creating debris around the house. Pieces of plastic, fabric, and string can get into the airways and cause choking.

Washing and grooming the dog regularly

if you want to keep home clean you need to wash your dog regularly
Keep your pup nice and clean

Your house will very quickly become smelly and messy if your dog is dirty and stinky.

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