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Dog food with eggs. Cook with us! 10 easy homemade recipes

Learn our TOP-10 easy homemade dog food recipes with eggs; can dogs have eggs, raw, scrambled, boiled, how much, and how often? What way to cook them is more healthy and beneficial?

We offer simple homemade recipes of dog food with eggs for those who want to please their pet with unusually tasty but healthy, nutritional, and beneficial treats. Hope you will use tips from our blog, and cook our recipes for your favorite paw.

Since, nevertheless, a canine is a predator by nature, protein foods should be the basis of a complete and balanced dog diet. Bird eggs well absorbed in the dog’s body. Of all the protein food, eggs have the highest biological value (even compared to meat). Even the distant ancestors of our dogs – wolves, did not miss the chance to eat eggs.

TOP-10 homemade recipes: dog food with eggs

Here you`ll find our best homemade dog food recipes list with eggs, which we are cooking for our own pets. I hope, you will enjoy them!

homemade recipe dog food with eggs 1
luxury stew
400g minced meat or stew
200g boiled vegatables
1 tablespoon of apple vinegar
100g cottage cheese
2 raw eggs
gently stir, fry the meat on a greased pan for 10 minutes
add a tablespoon of apple vinegar
remove from the stove and let it cool
add the remaining foods and mix
you can freeze any leftover of homemade dog food until the next time. your pet will definately love this meals!
Homemade dog food recipe with eggs  #2: Yummy fish
•	fish fillet
•	zucchini (pumpkin or other veggie)
•	egg
•	some milk
Stew fish in water. Add finely shredded in food processor veggies, stew for a few minutes, and pour everything with a mixture of milk and eggs. Cook to readiness. 
You can also add a cup of brown rice or broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, beans and even pasta, macaroni. Store cooled.
As you see, homemade dog food recipes with eggs can consist milk with fish - it is normal for healthy pet.

As you see, homemade dog food recipes with eggs can consist milk with fish – it is normal for healthy pet.

homemade recipe dog food with eggs #3: Omelet from Pitcairn
•	1 tablespoon of non-fat milk powder,
•	3 medium sized eggs
•	3 tablespoons of grated dry sheep’s cheese,
•	2 tablespoons of Brussels sprouts, beans, potato, broccoli or other chopped or mashed vegetables.
Stir the milk powder in a little water and break the eggs into it. Fry everything in a pan. When the omelet is almost ready, turn it over and sprinkle it with cheese, Brussels sprouts or other vegetables. Roll up the finished food, like a regular omelet with a straw.
homemade recipe dog food with eggs #4: Meatball Soup
•	1/4 cup of beef,
•	1/4 cup of ground turkey
•	2 tablespoons of oatmeal
•	2 teaspoons of finely crushed greens,
•	1 egg
•	1/4 cup of greeck yogurt
•	2 tablespoons sifted wheat bran
•	2 glasses of water.
Stir the meat and minced meat with oatmeal, a teaspoon of greens and egg whites. Add dry seaweed. Form tiny meatballs (the size of a thumbnail), roll them in sifted bran. 
Combine the yogurt, yolks and remaining bran. Put greens and seaweed in water. Bring to a boil, add oatmeal, it should be cooked for 5-8 min. 
Add the meatballs and simmer for 5 min. Pour the previously prepared mixture into boiling soup, cook to a readiness and remove from fire. Put a slice of butter in the finished soup.
homemade recipe dog food with eggs #5: Flatbread
Recommended for animals who stubbornly do not want to gain weight.
•	0.3 l of milk or cream,
•	100 g semolina,
•	2 eggs,
•	4 tablespoons of grated cheese,
•	1 tablespoon of butter.
Boil milk with butter, add a pinch of seaweed. Cook thick semolina. Remove from heat and add grated cheese, slightly cooled and eggs. Let the porridge cool. Form cake or muffin from it, grease with butter and bake for 10 minutes in a well-heated oven (180-200 degrees C). Could be stored in an airtight container in fridge or frozen. The loaf of such bread will stay fresh longer without contact with air.
this healthy dog food recipe is recommended by vets for animals who stubbornly do not want to gain weight
homemade recipe dog food with eggs #6: Musaka for dogs
•	150g of beef
•	30g of any vegetables
•	1/2 teaspoon of tomato paste
•	1/2 teaspoon wholemeal flour or bran
•	1 egg
•	1 teaspoon of olive or corn oil
•	1/4 cup of cream
Fry finely chopped vegetables in oil along with tomato puree. Remove from heat and immediately add minced meat. Put a little of dry seaweed instead of salt, add bran, shift into a small bowl. Mix the egg and cream and pour meat over this mixture. Put for 10 min in a preheated oven or for a minute in a microwave.
homemade recipe dog food with eggs #7: Omelet "Mon Ami"
•	1 tbsp. a spoon of nonfat milk powder
•	2 eggs
•	3 tbsp. tablespoons grated dry sheep cheese
•	2 tbsp. spoons of brussels sprouts or other vegetables
Stir the milk powder in a small amount of water, break the eggs there and fry. When the omelet is almost ready, turn over and sprinkle with cheese, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, carrots, spinach or other veggies. Roll up the finished dish with a straw. Homemade dog food recipes are best for pets while meal is fresh.
homemade recipe dog food with eggs #8: Omelet with tomatoes and sweet pepper "Poor Robin"
•	1/2 portion of sweet fleshy pepper,
•	1/2 part tomato,
•	1 teaspoon of herbs
•	1 tablespoon of olive oil,
•	2 eggs,
•	1/2 cup cream
•	1 tablespoon of oatmeal grind on a coffee grinder.
Beat the egg with cream and oatmeal. Finely cut the greens and lightly fry in oil; chop the half of peeled sweet pepper and combine with drained herbs, simmer for 15 minutes. Add finely combined tomato and simmer 10 minutes on the slow fire. Sprinkle with a pinch of sea kale. Pour in egg mixture. Simmer until tender, cool it for your dog.
homemade recipe dog food with eggs #9: Vegetarian semolina soup "Artemon"
For dogs that need to maintain weight.
•	1 egg
•	0.5 l of strong broth,
•	2 tablespoons semolina,
•	2 tablespoons of oatmeal
•	3 tablespoons of grated cheese.
Pour a few tablespoons of cold broth, add semolina, egg, cheese. Bring the rest of the broth to a boil and pour the mixture into it. Soup should be cooked over very low heat for 4-5 minutes (for saving more vitamins) with constant stirring. Remove from heat, add oatmeal and sea kale. All of soups are best while fresh but you can store them cooled in airtight containers in fridge up to 2-3 days.
homemade recipe dog food with eggs #10: Vita-Balls
Almost all nutrients useful for a dog are found in ordinary raw meat. If you feed your pup from the own plate, this tasty and created with love recipe will be a great addition to the dog's diet.
•	500 g minced beef,
•	2 cups chopped rye crackers,
•	2 hard boiled eggs,
•	parsley greens.
All of soups are best while fresh but you can store them cooled in airtight containers in fridge up to 2-3 days.
Mix the minced meat, crackers, chopped egg and a little greens.
Roll balls the size of a walnut.
Put in a colander and dip in boiling water for 5 - 7 seconds (so that the surface is scalded, and the mince remains moist inside). Let cool. 
You can use other veggies (good carbohydrates): peas, potato, carrots, brown rice; and take salmon, kidneys, turkey, chicken, beef for renewing while cooking this recipe from day to day. Store in fridge, do not forget to preheat foods a bit before giving it to pups. Be creative cooker, it`s fun!

Can dog have eggs?

Eggs are a very nutritious product for the canine organism. They are a good source of protein, which is necessary for updating muscle tissue and strengthening hair. In addition, eggs contain a lot of folic acids, amino acids and minerals (iron and selenium), vitamins (in particular A, D, and B12).

How often can a dog have food with eggs?

The frequency of treating the dog with eggs depends on the age and size of the animal.
An adult, medium-sized dog is recommended to give 1-2 chicken eggs per week. Quail eggs are smaller, so they can be given more often, for example, 1-2 times a week, 2 at a time, or one egg 2-4 times a week. Goose and duck are larger than chicken eggs; they need to be given less.

Well, what we can say about the huge ostrich eggs on the dog’s menu!
Talking about how to properly feed a dog, I already mentioned quail eggs, which are very useful to give to males about a week before the planned mating (one per day on an empty stomach).

After all, this leads to the intensity of blood circulation in the organs of the animal, responsible for the continuation of the genus. Quail eggs have a richer vitamin composition than chicken eggs, and a greater amount of protein is present in the whites.

How many eggs can a dog eat in a day?

See the answer higher.

Are raw eggs good for puppies?

Both raw and boiled eggs are good for dogs and puppies. This is an excellent source of protein for the body. However, studies have shown that the digestibility of boiled eggs is 91%, and raw – 50% for a 24-hour period.

Many dog ​​owners adhere to the created rule: apply the same type of food and give the pet eggs in the form in which the rest of the meal is. If a dog is accustomed to boiled food, then it needs to boil eggs. If the four-legged one is fed raw meat, then the eggs should be given raw. But try to take them only from manufacturers you trust.

But, I must say, there have never been cases of non-assimilation of raw eggs in combination with boiled meat and vice versa. Both raw and boiled eggs can be added to both food (both raw and cooked meat) and sour-milk feeding, and just to let them separately feast on your pet.

See all foods as a holistic system and try to find logic for making best dog` menu with products which it loves.

Can I give my dog scrambled eggs?

But fried eggs cannot be given to a dog, as they contain excess fats, and their use can cause pancreatitis. If you really want to treat your beloved pet, then cook him a steam omelet.

How do I cook eggs for my dog?

The dog should eat row or boiled eggs.
Use any homemade dog food recipes but try to not cook too fat meals, aware to add salt.

Is it possible to add in homemade dog food eggshells?

Yes, you can easy to make this from time to time without any harm to its health! In addition to the benefits of the eggs themselves, the eggshell consists of 90% calcium, which is perfectly absorbed by the animal’s body and helps strengthen teeth, bones, and joints.

In addition to calcium, the shell contains about 27 useful trace elements, such as fluorine, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, magnesium, which improve the condition of the skin, and the dog`s coat becomes beautiful.

It is best to grind the shell in the food processor and mix it with the meals. If you give the dog a whole shell, then there is a risk that when chewing, small pieces can get stuck between the teeth and in the throat of the pup.

May dogs eat boiled eggs daily?

No, not every day. Use another foods to cover it`s needs of aminoacids. And totally vegan menu is not allowed too.

Can the dog eat eggs of other birds?

The most affordable today are chicken and quail eggs. But, if you or your friends have a farm, it will be just wonderful if your dog eats duck, goose, turkey, and even ostrich eggs.

Since all the eggs are different in size, you should adjust the weekly number of eggs, focusing on chicken eggs.

All you should know about egg whites in dog food

You can often hear that dogs should not eat raw egg whites, as they contain a protein such as avidin, which prevents the body from absorbing biotin (vitamin B), glucose, and amino acids. Biotin deficiency leads to hair loss and skin inflammation. But on the other hand, raw egg white is very important for cell growth and promotes the metabolism of fatty acids.

In fact, egg white can cause a lack of biotin only if the dog eats a huge amount of raw eggs. Moreover, egg yolk more than compensates for this deficiency. Animals on a balanced ration can safely be fed raw egg white in reasonable quantities.

Raw eggs are not recommended for sick animals with weakened immunity, puppies whose immunity has not yet fully formed. If a dog from a puppy’s age eats dry food, then from normal food (including eggs) the animal may develop pancreatitis.

Dangerous Eggs

Despite the apparent benefits, the use of eggs can cause adverse reactions and even harm the health of the four-legged:


In rare cases, a dog may experience individual intolerance and food allergy to this product. Symptoms will be noticeable almost immediately. In the area of ​​the auricles, groin, and axillaries, redness is observed, the animal begins to itch.


With frequent feeding of eggs, increased gas formation may appear. This will be especially noticeable if the pet lives with you in the apartment.


The eggs contain a sufficient amount of cholesterol. If they are offered to the pet more often than recommended, then an excess of cholesterol in the body can cause blockage of blood vessels.


Raw eggs can contain bacteria that can cause such a serious illness as salmonellosis. Sometimes you can hear the statement that eating raw quail eggs is impossible to catch salmonellosis because quail bodies are not susceptible to this disease due to the high temperature, but this statement is incorrect.

Quail can also be ill with pullorosis (a disease from the group of salmonellosis). It is for this reason that many veterinarians do not recommend introducing raw eggs into the diet of pets unless the owners of the animals are fully confident in the quality of the eggs.

How to avoid negative phenomena

Therefore, it is necessary to introduce this or that product into the dog’s diet gradually. At least for a couple of days observe the reaction. Be sure that the pet is reacting good, or that the allergy is caused by this particular product.

Salmonellosis can prevent boiling. But on the other hand, dogs have a short gastrointestinal tract and high acidity, as a result of which they are more resistant to salmonellosis than humans.

And remember that any, even the most useful product, if used incorrectly, can cause a serious illness. So with eggs the same story.

Homemade healthy dog food recipes with eggs

In conclusion, I want to say the following. If you feed your dog with natural food, then you can definitely and even need to give the dog eggs. But only in reasonable quantities, and if it is raw eggs, then they must be from a trusted manufacturer. Despite the apparent benefits, eating eggs can cause adverse reactions and even harm your dog’s health.

We hope that these 10 easy homemade recipes of dog food with eggs will start a new tradition in your family. Remember: dog food should be healthy as well as a human’s diet!

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